3 things to remember during your detox day

So you are planning to lose weight? But irrespective of you concentrating on your diet and making your food choices right, which is that one thing not allowing you to lose weight?

Sometimes your body is not able to reciprocate to your calorie intake because it needs a boost, that is why detox day was introduced. Detox day is the time when you should avoid any unhealthy and processed food. Mainly, avoid taking any complex carbohydrate structure food. So guys, time to say no to pizza for the day.

Why Detox day is important?

Detox day is important, because it gives a kick start to your diet regime which has come on a stand still. There is a change in the body from the very start, everything is extremely drastic and uncontrollable but then tend to become slow. Detox day will give your body the boost. The mechanism behind the day is when you eat simple food, our Gastrointestinal system gets rest and it is cleansed. This cleansing activity helps in enhancing our digestive system.

Nibbling on boiled vegetables

Make your Detox day easier by doing these three things

There are certain things you need to remember whenever choosing for a Detox day. Detox day should be to start on a holiday, so you are sure there is going to be less physical and mental exertion. If you are a home-maker or working from home person choose a day where there is going to be less stress in both spheres, physical and mental. The following things will help you to sustain the day.

Drink 3-4 liters of water

On Detox day we generally choose a fruit or a vegetable, specifically of one variety. Try to choose more watery fruit like watermelon or papaya, in vegetables cucumber. This will make sure you get to prevent dehydration. But if we are choosing a juice, it does not mean we avoid water. Water is the best source of minerals, if you are loaded with minerals then dehydration will not happen. So, load yourself with water and detox will be easy.

Cravings for food

Why do we get cravings? Whenever we become hungry our body tends to go to the level of hypoglycemia, thus our body tends to ask for valid sugars. Have you ever noticed whenever your body tend to become more prone to asking for heavy, spicy, sugary food. So if you are talking about detox then obviously you would be prone to it.

So how you will be combating with these cravings? Nibble on simple fruit like bananas, apple or papaya, do not stay hungry.

Food with low calories

If in case you feel dehydrated, dizzy, or low in blood pressure. Then it is time you have some low calorie food. Like oats or quinoa which will not add any complexity after having juice for whole day and easily digested. With these things your detox day will be extremely fruitful, pun intended, and worth the efforts.

Fruit juice recipes for the day

These recipes will help you to sustain the day, consume good number of glasses at minimum interval of two hours so that symptoms like bloated abdomen, hunger headaches will not occur.

Carrot juice

2-3 carrots

One teaspoon black pepper

One teaspoon salt

1/2 liter water

Grind them all and consume 5-6 glass of this juice for the day.

Spinach juice

A bunch of spinach

One teaspoon salt.

Squeeze one lemon.

One teaspoon rock salt.

Grind them and consume 5 glasses for whole day.

Hope these recipes will help you in your detox. This is the time you take care of yourself with exercise, meditation and walk for 20-30 minutes to avoid irritability or mood swings.

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  1. Nice information and easy to.understand blog. After reading your words it feels very easy to do detox one day in a while. Keep them coming and thank you !! : )

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