4 ways to deal with your cravings

Cravings- A deep yearning to have something. Don’t you have that yearning too? Just imagine you skip your normal timing of lunch and now you have started imagining that delicious cheese filled burger or your favorite garlic schezwan sauce dip with cornballs or do not forget those chocolates.

Did I take you back to those good memories? So let us come out of it and know why we actually get cravings. Cravings normally generate when we have an empty stomach or with a dehydrated body.

Craving also has a very strong connection with our emotions. Whenever the person feels any void mentally he or she will feel those effects in the body and body starts cravings for the taste which they desire. Eating in that state itself is pretty harmful? Because we are not eating to gain the nutrition of the food but we are eating to fulfill the state of our being.

So you tell me, will this kind of food ever give us nutrition? So here are 4 ways to deal with your cravings.

Find the mental void

As discussed first that craving can be due to emotional dependency, so one thing is for sure that we need to work on our mental health status. Whenever we go through a type of emotional trauma our body undergoes a certain amount of stress then it tries to compensate with food having a particular kind of taste. Some people will indulge in sweet and spicy or for some in a tub of ice creams.

The real issue here is to fill in the emotional void which we are hampering our body by putting on a lot of food which is not going to do anything good to the body. First, identify the mental cause and then proceed to whether your food is speaking or your thoughts.

Water always helps

A dehydrated body will crave for sweets, reason during dehydration your body goes into a state of hypoglycemia which means your sugar level drops. Drinking water at regular intervals will help to keep your body hydrated. Craving would be the last thing on your mind.

Have small meals

Now that we have talked about our water intake same applies with our food instead of having a large quantity meal at a time which can be straining to our body which goes into the continuous process of metabolism. Having a small meal will make our body absorb more nutrients at a time, rather than filling your stomach with a complex unhealthy form of carbs making digestion complicated.

Raw food binging

Raw food binging is something like tricking your mind when you are craving, how? you have to go to a party and you are sure you are going to get exposed to a lot of junk. So here is a solution! Before your meal binge on some raw vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers or have juices so that now you will automatically have less space to munch on junk.

These 4 ways will surely help you to cut down your cravings.

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